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    Discover the magic of DUSELYS on your skin: A collection of Natural and Organic Cosmetics where shea butter is expertly combined with other natural and organic ingredients.

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    The Traditional Way

    The Traditional Way

    The crafting of shea butter is an activity that involves mainly West African women who have been using it for centuries for cooking as well as body and hair care for the whole family.

    The shea tree produces a fruit made up of pulp and a nut. The nut contains an almond, from which the fat used to make shea butter is extracted.

    From June to September, women collect the fruits at the foot of the trees, pulp them and clean them.

    Once boiled, the nuts are shelled and the almonds sun-dried, crushed, roasted, and pounded until a brown paste is obtained.

    This paste is then ground and churned manually with water to extract the fat which is heated, filtered, and thickened at room
    temperature to obtain the butter.

    From tree to butter

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    About Us

    About Us

    DUSÉLYS has been a dream project of the owner Florence Kando Fraval. Born in a small village in Burkina Faso, she enjoyed the benefits of shea butter from birth. Like all babies in the village, she was massaged every day with this butter.

    After leaving her village to continue her studies in the city, she began to use "modern" body creams. 18 years later, when she was expecting her third baby, she needed to hydrate her body
    more than usual. The creams she was using were ineffective. So, she decided to apply the shea butter she was using to massage her first two children to her own skin.

    Since 1998, Florence developed in her home her own body cream that she shared with her friends and family. After studying research on people with dry skin issues, she began experimenting with other natural products that could add great value to her raw shea butter. In 2010 Florence returned to her homeland to follow a professional training in natural cosmetics.

    In 2021, DUSÉLYS was born.

    From our family to your family,
    may you always enjoy DUSÉLYS.